Why opt for monthly payment?

Paying monthly helps you manage your budget. It spreads out your energy costs over the year so that you don't have to cope with large bills all at once.

Why opt for payment by direct debit?

Paying your bills is easier by direct debit.
It means no more forgetting, no more delays and no more postage. You will continue to receive bills every 2 months.

N.B.: You can change your payment method at any time by contacting your ENGIE adviser.

In addition to direct debit payments, ENGIE offers you a number of other services to help you manage your energy budget:
Online billing

Online meter readings

- The Facture Dispo service

What's the purpose of the Your Account page?

This interactive online web space makes life easier. Your Account is secure, simple to use and allows you to do all of the following things at any time:

- View your bills
- Manage your contracts, personal data and options
- Access many different free and chargeable services - Find the information you need
- Contact us
It's simple, free and available to all DolceVita customers.

Can I switch packages?

Yes, you can switch packages at any time, in any direction and between a guaranteed fixed-price, revisable downwards and the regulated tariff. We call it the principle of reversibility.

What services are available to me?

ENGIE offers you many services. You can find out about them on this website or in the welcome pack you will receive when you move in:

- Your Account and free services
- Energy control services
- Peace of mind services
- Support services for energy upgrades
- Finance services (offered by Banque SOLFEA, a ENGIE partner)
- Contact details for qualified and approved ENGIE Partner installers, electricians, plumbers etc. near you

How do I contact ENGIE?

If you have a Your Account page, you can contact us by e-mail, online or ask us to call you back. Go to Your Account If you haven't set up Your Account, you can e-mail us.

How do I cancel my contract?

Moving? Take care of both applications at the same time by clicking here Do you just want to cancel? Click here for the cancellation form