Moving into a new house

What do you I need to do when I move?

You will have to sign new electricity and/or natural gas contracts for your new home, and cancel those for your old home. As soon as you know your new address, apply online and ENGIE will guide you through the process.

Do I need to provide a meter reading for my new home?

When you apply for a new contract (or contracts), we recommend that you have your meter reading(s) available. You may be asked for this information.

The electricity and/or natural gas supplies are connected and working in my new home, but I don't have a contract... what should I do?

It's possible that the previous occupant's contracts have not been canceled. You should contact your ENGIE advisers as quickly as possible to arrange new electricity and/or natural gas contracts for your new home to avoid any risk of a break in supply.

How long will it take to get an energy supply appointment if my new home has no gas or electricity supply connected?

The average period for this appointment is 5 days.

When should I arrange the contract for my new home?

To be certain of your energy supply being connected and working when you arrive in your new home, you should arrange the new contract at least a week before you move.
But for greater peace of mind, contact ENGIE as soon as you know your new address. Your new contract proposal can be sent to you up to 6 weeks before you move.

N.B.: The grid operator's standard lead time for a connection is 5 working days, regardless of energy supplier.

How do I know how much electricity I'll be using in my new home?

Your electricity consumption depends on many criteria (your own consumption patterns, your type of home, your electrical system, etc.). ENGIE will help you estimate your likely consumption so that you can choose the best contract for your needs.

How do I choose the best natural gas contract?

Contracts are chosen on the basis of price, which varies depending on whether you choose the regulated tariff or a market tariff, and on the length of contract.
Once you have chosen your contract, ENGIE will help you to estimate your likely annual consumption so that you can choose the tariff that's best for you. More about our natural gas contract

How do I go about changing my address?

When you change postal address, you should notify all of the following: CPAM, CAF, tax office, pension provider, mutual fund, bank and insurance company.

Please note: the online change of address service allows you to notify multiple organizations simultaneously of your change of address. You should also inform your service providers: phone, water, Internet, gas and electricity.

With ENGIE, migrating your energy contracts is simple and fast: all you need to do is sign new electricity and/or natural gas contracts and cancel those for your old home. Your online contract application takes just 5 minutes flat, and ENGIE guides you step by step. Lastly, remember to redirect your mail by using the post office change of address service.

If you have a boiler servicing contract, remember to contact the company concerned to cancel it and take out a new contract for your new home, if necessary. ENGIE can put you in touch with ENGIE Partners near you.
Boiler servicing contract

Are there any fees to pay when I move home?

When you move to a new home, ENGIE requests a new energy connection from the electricity grid operator ENEDIS and/or the natural gas network operator GrDF.

ENEDIS and GrDF are responsible for operating and maintaining their respective networks, which are used by all energy supply companies. This connection service is billed to ENGIE, just as it is to all other suppliers. We then pass on the same charge to you, which is itemized under 'services' on your bill.

You can find details of these charges in the catalogs of services published online at the GrDF and ENEDIS websites.