Reading a natural gas meter in France

Where is your gas meter ?

In France, your gas meter is usually located outside your home, in a cupboard on the corridor or landing wall, or in the service room of your building.

However, some are located inside your home, often in the cellar or garage. A gas meter must be located between your domestic gas system and the mains supply. The meter remains the property of the mains supply management company, which also decides the most appropriate location to install it relative to the mains gas supply point.

To identify your meter, use the meter number shown on your natural gas bill.

How the gas meters works ?

The gas meter records the amount of gas used in your home. It shows that consumption in m3 (cubic meters). Your consumption is then billed in kilowatt-hours (kWh). A calculation is used to convert cubic meters to kilowatt-hours.

To see how much gas you have consumed in m3, all you need to do is read the first 5 figures (on the black background) shown on your meter. To calculate your gas consumption in kWh, you should apply the conversion factor shown on your gas bill.