What to do if you have an interruption to your electricity or natural gas supply in France

Gas emergency numbers

If you have a gas leak or can smell gas, call the GrDF Gas Safety and Repair Call Center on the Numéro Vert 0 800 47 33 33 (calls are free from landlines).

Electricity emergency number

Go to the Enedis Website to find the emergency number for your area.

If you need to ask a question about the safety of your systems:

  • For phone assistance in France:

If you need to ask questions about the safety of your home, you can call our dedicated safety number: 09 69 32 9000

An initial remote diagnosis of the problem is conducted immediately.

Expert technicians are available 24/7. If a home visit is necessary, they will schedule a team to carry out the work.

  • To be prepared for all eventualities, find out more about the services that keep your home safe:

You can prevent domestic accidents involving natural gas by arranging for a safety inspection of your system.

You can also opt for electricity emergency response, which provides you with guaranteed support at any time.

Electricity and Natural Gas emergency assistance is the solution for any problem with your domestic system here in France. 


Some sound advice

If you smell gas in your home:

  • Open the windows
  • Turn off the mains gas supply
  • Go outside and call 18


  • Call an elevator
  • Use a phone, even a cellphone
  • Use an electrical switch
  • Turn on a domestic appliance
  • Turn a flashlight on or off
  • Use a doorbell