Choosing your contract

What do Peak and Off-Peak mean?

An electricity contract that contains the Peak / Off-Peak option gives you the benefit of a lower price per kWh at certain times of the day. The peak rate applies to 8 hours per day.

The off-peak period is set by the energy provider, and varies depending on the region your home is in, but is typically between 10:30 pm and 6:30 am.

What is a regulated tariff package?

The regulated tariff is set by the state and may increase or decrease on a month-by-month basis.

What is a guaranteed fixed-price, revisable downwards(1)?

Contract packages are packages whose prices are set by individual energy providers.
ENGIE offers its packages for natural gas and/or electricity. These contract packages include services that make it easier to manage your energy supply. Your kWh budget is immune from price increases! The price you pay is fixed and can decrease according to the regulated tariff (2). You switch away from the regulated tariff, but you can switch back at any time free of charge. Find out more about our energy contract

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