Choose the gas and electricity package that is best for your needs 

ENGIE has designed its own range of electricity and/or natural gas packages to respond to the diversity of its customers and their expectations The type of home you live in, your current contractual status, the type of energy you use and any special requirements you have are all important criteria to be taken into account when choosing the energy contract that's right for you.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to make sure that you are choosing the right energy package for your needs.

Do you want to easily change the package or supplier for your current home?

Do you want to change suppliers or are you already a ENGIE customer wanting to change the natural gas and/or electricity contract to your current home? Duo Référence is designed for you. Your kWh budget is immune from price increases! The price you pay is fixed(1). You switch away from the regulated tariff, but you can switch back at any time free of charge.

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Is simplicity the most important thing for you?

DolcePrimo is exactly what you need. Simple, easy to understand and easy to monitor, this contract gives you a 1, 2 or 3-year fixed-price guarantee.
You'll also receive advice on how to achieve energy savings of up to 5% via our MaConso service, which comes with all ENGIE contracts.

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Do you have electric heating and a Linky meter?

Then you have everything to gain from a Elec Weekend contract. This innovative package gives you 30% cheaper electricity at peak hours !

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Do you have natural gas heating and would like to save energy?

Confort Connecté takes you to a new level of user comfort and lets you control your own consumption (to make savings of up to 15%) by giving you remote control of your heating system. Once you have a connected thermostat installed, you can control your heating system easily from a smartphone, tablet or computer

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Not quite convinced yet? Our resources are designed to help you predict your energy budget

We understand that it's not always easy to predict your energy budget, so we have developed simulators to help you choose which of our Electricity and Natural Gas, Electricity-only or Natural Gas-only packages is the best match for your budget. All our packages are commitment free, so you can switch back to the regulated tariff at any time free of charge.

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